Sunday, February 11, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kenya Ministry

What are "Cherish" and "Hope"?

The UPPC ministry of sponsoring children in the surrounding areas of Meru, Kenya, is called the Cherish Ministry to Meru. We have a core volunteer group called the Kenya Team which manages this ministry under the direction of the UPPC Missions board. The ministry on the Meru side is called Hope International MinistryTrust. It has a board of five members aka Hope Guardians who administer the sponsorships and relay news to us about the families.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Elementary age (K-8) $300/year
High school age $500/year

Money is wired to Meru three times a year. You may give your money on a trimestral basis (have your money in by March 15, July 15 and November 15), or in one lump sum. If you would like to give extra money beyond the school fees (for example a $10-20 Christmas, birthday or graduation gift), please specify this in the memo line on the check and on the sponsorship envelope as this is how we inform the Hope team as to how the money is to be disbursed. However, if you would like to contribute extra to famine relief, rather than giving large amounts to a specific family, know that we have entrusted the Hope team to disburse these gifts as they see fit. It is our hope that by combining this food money that we reduce the number of children who are going to bed hungry each night.

To whom should I give the money?

Please make your checks payable to UPPC, with a specific child’s name in the memo line. Specially designed envelopes will be sent to new sponsors. Extra envelopes can be obtained at the church or by contacting If you live here, you may drop your donation off at church or put it in the offering plate.

If you are mailing in your donation, send it to Kenya Missions, University Place Presbyterian Church, 8101 27th St. West, University Place, WA 98466

What is the commitment?

We ask that a sponsorship commitment be for one school year to support a child through one full academic year. The academic year begins in January, but you may begin your sponsorship at any point in a given year. At the end of each year, we ask sponsors to reevaluate their commitment to their child(ren). Many sponsors feel called to sponsor a child through high school. On-going Cherish sponsorships end after the child has finished high school. If your commitment to a sponsored child should change, please let us know

How may I communicate with my sponsored child?

We encourage letter-writing to enhance the relationship between you and your sponsored child. The advantage of this ministry as opposed to a larger, Christian relief organization sponsorship is the personal level of sponsorship. Because we are not a large organization, but a volunteer ministry, it allows for 100% of your contributions to go to your child(ren) and allows for personal contact with them (via letters and possible mission trips).

Address letters to:
Child’s Name
c/o Hope International Ministry Trust
P.O. Box 832
Meru, Kenya
*90 cents standard postage

How do I become a sponsor?

Contact Sharon Moffitt or


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