Friday, February 9, 2007

A Story of Gratitude: Meet Anne and Erick

Their grandfather, Erastus, found his way to the folks at Hope International Ministry Trust a couple of years ago. After an unusual court case where he sought and was granted legal guardianship of these children, he realized that he did not have the funds to feed and clothe them as well as pay for school uniforms and supplies. Their story is a particularly poignant one. The details are sketchy, but this is what we know. Their mother was gone and their father had taken a second wife who was unkind and abusive to the children, especially to Anne. Her teachers were so concerned they notified authorities. Modesty prevents me from giving the graphic details of the abuse this poor little girl suffered. It was unspeakable. Within weeks after hearing about the children, a group of ladies who meet regularly to play Bunco up in Bothell, WA, took up a collection which we sent to Hope to give to their grandfather. Within a few weeks, we had found a sponsor at University Place Presbyterian Church for each of the children. They now receive financial support on a regular basis. When J. Peter Mburugu and his wife, Josephine, went home to Meru for a visit in 2005,they awoke one morning to find Erastus sitting outside the gate. He’d been there since the crack of dawn, having walked many miles to find them and offer them a word of gratitude.

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