Monday, July 16, 2007


Sharon Moffitt here aka "Mamapat" aka Makena. I am tickled to be part of this ministry to Meru. Let me tell you about my nicknames. Were I to live and work in Meru, many there would know me as Mama Pat because our eldest son in Pat. Others might call me Mama Michael, as they did at Meru Boys School when I was there -- because our second son is Michael. Our sons' father would be Baba Pat or Baba Michael I guess.

I was honored when friends there agreed that were I to be given a Meru name that fit my personality, it would be Makena which means "happy one." Apparently they were quick to figure out that I love to laugh.

There's much to cry about in Meru these days, but there's much joy to be had as well. Thinking of my new friends in Meru brings a smile to my face.

Please contact me at if you are interested in becoming part of this great ministry of love and hope!

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