Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meet Eustus

The child on the far right is Eustus Rutere. He is seen here with his older sister Susan and his baby sister, Wendy.

One of the things that touches me most about our sponsorship family is the quick response to the kids' stories and photos. No sooner did we receive a word on the dire straits of this little family than we had a new sponsor for Eustus, and the money sent for him will be stretched to help Susan and Wendy as well.

As always, I struggle to try to communicate what this will mean for Eustus and his sisters. Along with putting shoes on their feet, a warm blanket on their beds and a hot meal in their tummies, news of someone caring about them gives them the gift of hope. In scripture, I am always touched when I read about how God remembered someone who was feeling forgotten, as in the story of Leah and Rachel: "Then God remembered Rachel." When these children get word that a sponsor has come forward to help them, it's as if we are saying, "God has remembered you!"

So, as Advent draws to a close and we prepare to kneel before the manger, please know that we thank you for representing Christ in this hurting world.

Should you or anyone you know wish to sponsor a child or family in Meru, please call Sharon Moffitt at 253-566-0806 or Karen Lau at 253-564-4690 -- and remember, many of our sponsors are family members from all across the U.S.A. -- so if you know someone who has been looking for a ministry to support, let them know about Cherish Ministry to Meru. Feel free to direct them to this blog if they want to learn a bit about us.

God bless you and grant you the peace of Jesus Christ.

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