Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Words of Wisdom

A man by the name of Joel Vestal, founder of ServLive International, sent this to me this morning and I thought it worthy of posting here. It was written by an unnamed girl from Africa.

To become involved is risky. Pain is often contagious. Our hearts may be broken and our lives may be threatened. Yet we hear God calling and we can no longer hide. Our steps may be small and timid. We may read a book, write a letter, or make a gift. But each tiny step is blessed by God and multiplies. God is more relentless than war. God is more pervasive than hatred. God is more insistent than despair."


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Kjersti said...

Mom & I attended Merle Palmer's memorial on Sat. The words you posted here remind me of his dogged determination, (along w/ Rosemary) to see the Plamer Scholars achieve their schooling dreams. In the midst of it all, AMEN.