Monday, March 2, 2009

In Memory of Nan Krueger

The young woman you see here is Caroline Nkirote who, thanks to the loving support of Nan Krueger, graduated from high school last December and is currently enrolled in a computer course.

Nan, as some of you may know, was our former pastor, Lyn Corazin's mom. She passed away peacefully last week, and has been laid to rest. We wish her eternal peace with Christ, and we remember her with fondness.

When Nan learned about the work we were doing in Kenya, she immediately contacted us and took on her first sponsored girl, Anne Gacheri who graduated in 2006. Subsequently, she committed support to Caroline.

Anne and Caroline represent hope for Kenyan girls who, without benefactors, often end up uneducated and barely able to carve out a living for themselves and their kids. How wonderful that in her final years, Nan was able to alter the course of these girls' lives and, in so doing, give hope to dozens of others. Today we learned that Nan's family has established a memorial fund to help others in Meru in memory of their mother and grandmother.

We send our loving condolences to Lyn, Frank, Traci and Christa and their families at this time. Please know that we will remember Nan with deep gratitude, and thank you for this generous gesture. God bless you all.

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