Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet Justin's Kids

Dear Friends,
Last summer, when the Mburugu family went home to Kenya, Justin came across two little sisters who were terribly neglected. They are pictured at left: Grace Makandi, age 2 and Lucy Kendi, age 4. With them is an unnamed girl from the village who now looks after them. The girls now have a sponsorship family in Colorado--The Repennings who, upon hearing of the family's plight, immediately stepped up to help out.
I was so touched by Justin's instant response to these little ones last summer. For the duration of their visit, he made sure the girls had food and clothing. Shortly thereafter, the new sponsors got involved, and our dear friends at Hope International Ministry trust, our partners in Meru -- sought out this young woman to lend a hand. She too will now receive regular support from the Repenning family.
Members of The Kenya Team at UPPC want you all to know that stories like this inspire and energize us in this ministry. Just as the love and generosity shown by our friend Nan Krueger (see post below) inspires us and gives us hope.
Something the ladies and I recently realized in our Thursday morning Bible Study at UPPC is that one of the most significant character traits of Jesus is this-- as he walked along on his journey, he noticed others. That's what Justin did last summer as he walked the paths between his grandparents' villages...he noticed Grace and Lucy-- and because he did, their lives have been changed.
Please remember to pray for them, and for their grandfather who struggles with alcoholism. We long for him to be freed from his bondage to alcohol.
And praise be to God for showing us how to live. You too, Justin!
Love, in Christ always,
Mama Pat aka Sharon Moffitt

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