Monday, May 11, 2009

Letter from College

Relationship...that's what we hope the Cherish ministry will ultlimately be about.

Last week, we received a letter from our sponsored "son" away at college in Eldoret, Kenya. Eric is the first student we sponsored back in 2003. You can read all about him by scrolling through this blog.At the time we met, he was struggling to stay in high school, despite the fact that he was the highest ranking student at one of the highest ranking high schools in Kenya.

Over the past five and a half years, we've corresponded with Eric as he finished high school, spent a year working and waiting to see if he could find loans for university; rejoiced together when the funds came through for him to attend Moi University, and thanks to generous friends at UPPC, Kerry and Malinda, we were able to send a laptop home with Rev. Elijah in 2007 for Eric to use in his studies.

Recently, we prayed again as we looked for ways to help Eric with a promising internship, or "attachment" to enhance his studies this summer, and again, the Lord came through.

As we corresponded over the years, we've shared family news -- good and bad, always at the ready to pray for one another. Recently, I asked him to remember his American "cousin" Maureen in prayer, for instance, as she's been having medical problems.

I tell you all this as a prelude to sharing this lovely note that came through cyberspace and landed on my desk the other day. I pray that it encourages sponsors to remember that you are changing lives , and that your lives will be changed by forging relationships with your kids in Kenya.

I do want to say, before I close, that I hope you will be patient if you are not getting letters from your kids. It's very difficult for many of them to get letters written and posted. Access to a computer helps a lot. Meanwhile, please continue to post a card or letter to your kidsfrom time to time (address is in the information bar).

Here's the note we got from Eric:

Hi mom,

I am finally done with my third year of study. I am so excited because not only have I completed my third year of study,but I have also been on the phone with the human resource manager at Kenya airways and she has confirmed that I have been attached there. I report on Monday.

I thank God for you, Mom.

How is Maureen doing?


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