Friday, October 9, 2009

Congratulations Class of 2009

Tonight sponsors of graduating "seniors" in Meru, as well as sponsors of students moving up from lower to upper school, will gather to celebrate these occasions and offer prayers of support for the kids as they prepare for "exit exams." Exam time is a milestone moment for Kenyan children as the results of the exams determine which vocational and career paths are available to them.

We are proud of the 17 students who made it through high school, Forms I-IV (equivalent to our grades 9-12). Some will go on to vocational training if they are able to find funds; others will attend one of several colleges for training in such things as nursing and teaching. The highest achievers will be eligible for a 4-year university degree, again depending on financial assistance, though frankly it's much easier for these students because the government is eager to give assistance to those with academic promise.

Won't you join us in praying that all the students are well-fed and well-rested as they study for exams; likewise the day they actually sit for exams? This is an important way we can lend support at this time.

If you have a graduate--or a youngster moving up the academic ladder to high school-- but are unable to join us at our grad party tonight, please send a card using the contact information to the right of this post.

On behalf of the Kenya team, thank you for the love that led you to help these kids.

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