Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Friends of Cherish,

Do you know that the Greek word for cherish translates "to keep warm?"

Permit me to share something that warmed my heart this morning. We all know that supporting kids is the primary goal of our Cherish ministry, but additionally, we have talked too about our long-range vision for these students. Today, I got a note from our Eric, and it was such a blessing, I wanted to share the story behind it. Eric is about to graduate from university. He is our first sponsored student in Hope/Cherish ministry. Mercy is another student under sponsorship who has just graduated from business school. She is in Nairobi looking for a job and is growing discouraged.

Not long ago I wrote to Juster Miriti, Josephine's dear sister who's played a huge "unofficial" role in this ministry from day one. As most of you know she is a business woman in Nairobi. (I always think of the Proverbs 31 woman when I think of Juster!) I asked her to please be in touch with Mercy and offer her some advice and support. I also wrote to Eric who has interned twice in Nairobi during his university years , and I connected him to Mercy via e-mail so that he might give her some contacts in Nairobi that might help her find work.

Well, Juster has been good to lend a hand to Mercy. And today Eric wrote to say he's been in touch with Mercy with some names and will do all he can to help her.He too will soon be looking for work and needs lots of prayer support from us too. Whenever either Eric or Mercy has expressed gratitude to those who have assisted them... when they say there is no way to repay us for the help, I always tell them to give the thanks to God, and to just be ready come to the aid of another who is trying to make it in this world.

You can imagine how it blesses us to learn that this is what they are doing. I am so proud of both of these young people, and so grateful to Juster for jumping in at a moment's notice as she always has done for us. The long term impact of this act of love we've dubbed Cherish is an exciting thing to witness. Love generating more love. What a concept! What a God we serve! Keeping each other warm in a brutally cold world, that's the goal of this ministry and I am so pleased to be part of it. This is how we demonstrate the love of the Father to one another.

God bless each of you with a warm, wonderful feeling of gratitude for bringing us all together in this ministry.

Remember that you too are loved and cherished by The Father!

In Him always,
Sponsor, Sharon Moffitt

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