Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Miss Them Already: Aug 2016 Meru Visitors

After a whirlwind month in Washington, our dear friends and partners in ministry, Elijah, Harun, Esther, and Juster, have returned safely to Meru, Kenya.

From Elijah, HOPE Guardian:
Greetings from Meru.
On behalf of the Kenya team,I would like to send you sincere greetings full of love and joy.
some reflections:
1.Thanks for the wonderful and successful organization of the trip.This costed you time ,money and energy.
2.Thanks for the wonderful hospitality accorded all of us by Cherish team,brothers and sisters in the many homes we stayed.We received care that made us feel we are at home.
3.All the places of interest we visited were attractive.
4.We all had a wonderful exposure and particularly Harun and Juster who had not gone out of Kenya before.We all thank you.
5.Bible study groups were good and encouraging.
6.Your concern about the programme.This was evidenced by the good turn up during the harambee for the Watoto Center .
7.Your food was good.We never had stomach trouble.It was interesting that some of us had Kenyan made tea in some of your houses.Josephine has done good to give lessons on this.
8.The sea food -hahaha-that was an experience of its own.
9.Mburugus,Karen,Emily and other members of the team we love you for your big hearts for us and the programe.Out of this visit we are truly blessed and linked together than ever before.We will meet next week for more reflections.
10.The journey was long and tiring but worthy and thanks be to God.
Looking forward to seeing soon.

Yours in Christ,
Elijah for Hope team.

From Diane Schultz, UPPC Kenya Team member:
It was so wonderful spending time with 4 of our Hope guardians while they were in town in August !  I so enjoyed going places with them - the Proctor street market, lunches at restaurants, making and eating ice cream at Brynn's, dinners with our team at Taeler's and Moffitt's, lunch at Hitchcock's beach place and Roberta's & Dory's Vashon homes.
 Co-hosting Juster & Esther at my small group and then having them stay with me for several days deepened our relationships.  Two of the best times were having them in worship joining our choir and then the Harambee - what joyful Kenyan music!  All conversations with the four of them were so meaningful !  Serving on this ministry team is such a joy knowing how many children's lives are being changed in Meru because of this ministry!  God is good!

From Esther, HOPE Guardian:
Dear friends
Our visit to UPPC ends officially tomorrow. It has been close to a month and it seems like a week.
I wish to sincerely thank all the brethren who opened their homes to us for accommodation , lunches, and dinners. Thanks for all the time you offered to be with us. You took us to places that thrilled us. All the love you shared with us we thank you.
It was such a joy to worship in a church where we felt the love of christ. It felt like a foretaste of heaven where every people , every tribe , every tongue from every land will be gathered giving glory praise and honour to  the lamb of God. The choir was so amazing as they did word perfect  kiwahili wana baraka......
The harambee was truly kenyan style as people gave generously as they danced and sang some more. To the children pass our thanks aand love.  They made me see what Jesus said about them. They are the same the world trusting. They sang kiwahili too. The kingdom of God belongs to such as they.
Our meetings and personal touch with the sponsors of the children that we serve was very fulfilling. Our  connection with them was priceless. We got to thank them in person on behalf of our sponsored children. This kind of relationship makes your ministry very  unique where people minister to real people. The unthinkable meeting of one of our formerly sponserd child in the program Juster with her sponsor was made possible by your generous giving. This brought joy to our hearts knowing well that she is just one of the many children whose lives have been transformed by UPPC  through the Cherish ministry.
We may not be able to mention each individual by name but recieve our heart felt gratitude.
Blessings to you in Jesus Name

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