Sunday, July 30, 2017

From Elijah, Our HOPE Co-Cordinator

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is my  joy to share with you a
bit of what I have experienced  during my rounds in distributing
relief food to needy children and families.

Firstly I want to thank the cherish team for considering our request for
food donations. As co-workers in this ministry take our appreciation on
our own behalf and all those beneficiaries.

The families that benefited were both needy sponsored children and
non- sponsored families. Food stuff was comprised of maize flour,wheat
flour, cooking fat, sugar, salt, and rice.

Some of the families could give stories that there times they take one
simple meal in a day.I visited a school Ngiine primary school with our
office secretary Ann and the principal told us some children come to
school without food for lunch. You can see some in the picture
receiving food. These were selected by other pupils because they know
their situation.

In another place I and Ann visited  a family in the program and met a
boy who was bed laden. The family is so poor and said God has visited
them himself. This was shocking  to me. The appreciation for the
donation was immense. After talking the father said the bed laden boy
was 29 years and got clipped as a child in standard  one. There was
a wheel chair next to the bed. This family needs help to feed the
boy. What do you say!

There were many other cases but I will stop there. When you are here
next time let us find time and visit  homes outside the sponsored
families for some experience. Many thanks for your heartfelt concern
for the families situation in Kenya.

Finally our elections are just round the corner. Join us in prayers for
free, fair and peaceful elections to produce credible and God fearing

With Love

HOPE.Int Min.Trust co-coordinator

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