Tuesday, July 25, 2017

God is good, all the time; All the time, God is good !!

A Psalm

I do not thank the Lord that I have bread to eat while others starve.
Nor for work to do while empty hands solicit Heaven;
Nor for a body strong while other bodies flatten on beds of pain.
No, not for these do I give thanks, but I am grateful to the Lord.
Because of the loaf I may divide; 
That my busy hands may move to meet another need;
Because my doubled strength I may expand
To steady one who faints.
Yes, for all these, let us give thanks to the Lord.

Harun Koome

Hello brothers and sisters(Cherish).

We sincerely appreciate your love for the people of Kenya. As you can see from the pictures the situation is quite desperate for some. As we went round in families, we were shocked by the revelations we found on the ground. I particularly came across children living without an adult, of course with very interesting stories. I also came across a blind old lady taking care of a disabled grandchild. I also happened to move around in the evening and a Sunday morning and in some families there was no lighting or fire. I also found a very young family of a single mother where the children were using dim light to do assignment.
God bless you for your big hearts,  Amalia

Thank you so much for your current donation for relief food to the
needy people in Kenya. Our donation service was a big success, partly
due to the support you enabled us to provide.
As you can see from the pictures the food gave the families hope for
another day, this time was difficult for them because some said they
didn't harvest anything but knowing we have the support from people
like you certainly helps.

 A father of two siblings whose unsound  wife ran away with one kid
leaving the younger kid shared stories of how it is hard to get basic
needs." so we should not worry saying what shall we eat,drink or wear
but seek the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will
be given to you as well...may God bless the  giver " He said.
Many families appreciated for the donation.

Again, thank you! we love your support.



  I wish to thank all those from America who sent their donation towards
the drought and consequent famine in Kenya.

 Your aid could not have come at a better time. All the families that
benefited from the food stuffs bought by your generous donation were
so touched by your love for them even if you have never seen them and
you don’t know them.

I remember during the time of distribution I met one nine years old
orphan shedding tears of joy, when he received the food; he had gone
to the village to borrow food so he could cook for his   younger
brother. He had been given a handful of potatoes and arrowroot and
that was to be their dinner.

Another recipient said you have come at the right time because all our
crops dried up so we had no harvest .A grandmother who lived in a
rented house that is paid by well wishers was cooking her meal outside
because she can’t afford to buy charcoal to cook inside, could not
stop saying ….may God bless the giver, And you who has brought this
food. She has no family and depends on neighbors for everything.

Space and time fails me but on behalf of our people receive our
heartfelt gratitude.The famine is far from over because we expect the
next rain in October but your help gave recipients hope for another

May your generosity eternally rewarded.



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