Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September 2021 - CHERISH UPDATE

 Greetings Sponsors and Supporter of CHERISH,

This is a reminder that of today, September 1, the sponsorship rates have changed.  Please also remember that there has been a change in the school year and your donation due by October 5 will cover the final term of their school year.   I will contact sponsors whose rate will change with their March donation.

Beginning September 2021

· Elementary = $354/year; $118/trimester; $29.50/month

· High School = $585/year; $195/trimester; $48.75/month

Please also be aware that the tracking of donations is undergoing some changes also.  Please make certain that your donations are designated for SPONSORSHIP (above amounts) and any extra you would like sent to your student for family needs is designated EXTRA GIFT TO STUDENT AND FAMILIES and donations for general needs of the ministry go to CHERISH WHERE NEEDED.   UPPC is tracking the amounts donated during the fiscal year.  

We appreciate your patience and continued support during this time of change and COVID disruptions both here and in Meru. Please share our website with others who might be willing to sponsor one of our WAITING students.   We are thankful to be able to continue to walk along side our brothers and sisters in Meru.


Karen Lau and the CHERISH TEAM

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