How to Check Your Cherish Donation History

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Click to Give” button on the page
  3. To the right of the UPPC logo there are some options.  Click on “Log in.”  
  4. Enter your mobile phone # and click Next.  You will be texted a 6-digit code. 
  5. Enter the code and click Next.   
  6. Click on “Log in as….”
  7. To the right of the UPPC logo will be a circle with your initials.  Click on it and select “Profile” from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click on “My Giving.”

Once logged in, you can...

  • View your Payment Methods and add Payment Methods.
  • View your Recurring Donations and add Recurring Donations.
  • View your pledges (including Cherish Sponsorship pledges) and your progress on those pledges.
    • Your annual Cherish Sponsorship amount for all the students you are sponsoring is listed with the amount “to Cherish Sponsorships…” for the current school year. 
    • The amount you have donated toward that pledge is listed under the progress (percentage) bar.  
    • The difference between the pledge amount and amount donated is your remaining sponsorship balance for the year.  

*Sponsorship donations given beyond the annual pledge amount will be applied to the next year’s sponsorship pledge
  • View your Donation History from 2020 to today.
*Note: Prior to 2020, only gifts that you have given online will show up in this history. If you would like to know the amounts you gave by check prior to 2020, please contact Julianne Bishop (, for a complete Donation History.

Contact: Julianne Bishop, Stewardship Coordinator
University Place Presbyterian Church
253.564.2522 x163