How to Make a Donation

Payment Options

ONLINE: Give online, by clicking on the appropriate link below.  Donations can be made as one-time payments or monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or twice monthly reoccurring payments.  
  ​᠎᠎᠎᠎       * For instructions on how to use the online donation tool, go to    ​᠎

BY CHECK: Checks should be made payable to UPPC with "Cherish" AND "sponsorship", "extra gift",  "where needed", or "Watoto" on the memo line, and delivered to: 

University Place Presbyterian Church
attn Cherish Meru
8101 27th St. W
University Place, WA 98466
  • If your donation covers more than one area, please include a note along with your check listing the amounts you wish to give toward "sponsorship", "extra gift", "where needed", and "Watoto". 
*While every effort will be made to apply your gift according to your stated designation, as a tax-deductible gift, University Place Presbyterian Church and its partnership with Hope International Ministry Trust maintain control and discretion of the donated funds. 
  • Please do not put donations into the offering plate. If the church office is closed, you may put your donation into the office door slot.    ​᠎᠎᠎᠎  
  • Sponsorship donation envelopes are available upon request. To request envelopes, email  

Donation Details

Sponsorship Donations

Sponsors are asked to donate $354 annually per student for primary students (Grade 8 and below), and $585 annually per student for high school students (Form 1-4). Sponsors may make one annual payment or split the donation amount into monthly or 3 trimester payments.  
  • Monthly Payments: $29.50/month for primary students; $48.75/month for high school
  • Trimester Payments: $118/payment for primary students; $195/payment for high school
   ​᠎᠎᠎᠎        *Trimester payments are due before March 5, June 5 and October 5.
*If you would like to contribute more than the designated sponsorship amount listed above, you may do so by designating the extra amount as an "extra gift" (see instructions below).  

Extra Gifts to Sponsored Students and Families

Extra donations beyond the designated sponsorship amount are welcomed to provide extra support where needed to students and families in Meru, Kenya. These donations are used to provide graduation and Christmas presents to sponsored students and extra assistance to sponsored families who need help with things such as food, clothing, medicine. To make an extra gift to sponsored students and families, follow the payment instructions below. 

**Please note, we are unable to designate Extra Family Gift donations for specific sponsored students or families. Extra Family Gifts are distributed to families by HOPE Guardians based upon need. 

Other Donations

Additional donations are welcomed to cover general ministry costs incurred by our caregivers in Kenya and other additional needs. To help cover these costs and keep the ministry running, follow the payment instructions below.

Instructions for checking your donation history can be found here