WAITING for a Sponsor


Suggested donation: $500 per year or $167 per trimester

Morgan M.
Age 15, Form 1
Morgan lives with his father who is a casual laborer.  His mother and father separated and he is under the care of his father who is struggling to take care of all his children.

Age 15, Form 1
Evans lives with his mother and older brother who is also in high school..  His mother is single with no job.  She looks for casual work to educate the boys.  A sponsor for Evans would help to the entire family.

Age 14, Form 1
Eric lives with his single mother.  She was involved in an accident and broke her leg.  She finds it difficult to work and keep Eric in school.  A sponsor would help this needy case.

Rony K.
Age 13, Form 1
Rony's father is deceased.  He lives with his mother and four siblings.  The mother has no job and needs assistance to be able to send Rony to high school.

Maxwell A.
Age 13, Form 1
Maxwell lives with his grandmother.  His mother does not have a job.  Funds are needed to keep Maxwell in school.

Suggestion donation: $300 per year or $100 per trimester

Rose Diana G.
Age 12, Standard 7
Rose lives with her grandmother.  Her parents separated and she was left in the care of her aging grandmother.  Please consider this case.

Georgina K.
Age 13, Standard 7
Georgina and her brother are total orphans.  Parents passed away and the children are under the care of their aunt.

Ivy G. 
Age 12, Standard 6
Ivy lives with her grandmother.  Her parents separated and left her in the care of her aging grandmother.  She is a bright student but needs help to go to  school.

Brian K.
Standard 3
Brian's mother died and his father has no steady employment, he goes out daily to find casual labor.  He is not able to provide for the child.  Brian lives with his aunt who is not well and is trying to raise funds to help Brian and the rest of her family.  Brian is suffering and is in great need of assistance.

Lyan M.
Age 8, Standard 3
This girl lives in a family with a single mother.  She does not have a good source of income.

Valerie M.
Age 7, Standard 3
Valerie and her sisters lost their father this past year due to a motorbike accident.  Mother earns a meager salary and is struggling to keep the children in school,  as well as keeping them housed and fed.  

Christian B.
Age 4, Preschool
This boy is an orphan. His mother passed on in September 2018.  His grandmother passed on earlier last year.  He lives with his grandmother's sister who is a single mother without a stable job.

Contact: Karen Lau, karenllau@hotmail.com 
Josephine Mburugu, josiemburugu87@gmail.com