WAITING for a Sponsor


(Grade levels are for the 2024 school year.)

High School
$585 per year/$195 per trimester or $48.75 per month

 Moreen N.
Age 15, Form 2 (Grade 10)
Moreen lives with a single mother who is struggling to provide for her basic needs and give her an education.  There are other children in the family. 

Kistan K.
Form 2 (Grade 10)
Kistan lives with a friend in a rental house.  She entered form one last year and could not remain in school.  The lady brought her back to school but she still cannot pay the school fees adequately and she keeps being sent away from school.  

Whitney G.
Age 14, Form 2 (Grade 10)
Whitney comes from a very humble background.  She has three older sisters.  One was in our program last year and is due to join the university.  The parents do odd jobs to keep the girls in school.

Geoffrey K.
Age 16, Form 2

Geoffrey lives with a single mother in a region with very hostile climate where getting basic needs is an issue.  The mother could not pay funds necessary for  him to attend high school even after he did well in his primary school exams.  Well-wishers took him to school and hope to get some assistance so he can continue.

Fidel K.
Age 14, Form 2

Fidel lives with a single mother and could not be enrolled in form one due to his humble background.  Well-wishers took him to form one hoping to get assistance to sustain him in school  Getting basic needs is a problem.

$354 per year or $118per trimester or $29.50 per month

Lony M.
Age 14, Standard 8 (Grade 8)

Lony is in Jr. Secondary School Standard 7.   His mother has one leg and finds it difficult to support the family.  Lony is a bright student.  He needs support to continue with his education.  Please consider this case.

Jollyqueen K
Age 14, Standard 8 (Grade 8)

Jollyqueen is a bright girl.  Her father passed on in 2022 after a long illness which drained the family of all savings.   Jollyqueen has three siblings. The mother needs some help to sustain the family. 
 She does casual jobs for upkeep.  This family lives in extreme poverty. Kindly consider her case.

Fridah G.
Age 14, Standard 8 (Grade 8)

Fridah is a very enthusiastic girl who loves school.  She lives with a single mother who has three children.  One sister is in the university and the other is in form 2.  Mom really struggles to keep them all in school.  She works as household and can barely support her family.

Job L.
Age 11, Standard 6 (Grade 6)

Job lives with his single mother and four siblings.  Mom struggles to feed and educate her children.
They live in a difficult environment and barely survive.

Morgan M.
Age 12, Standard 6 (Grade 6)

Morgan is very bright.  He is the brother of Lony.  (See above.) His mother has only one leg.  She finds it difficult to care for the children and their schooling needs.  Please consider this case.

Alfa K.
Age 8, Grade 3
Alfa is the first born in a family of two children.  The parents are unable to pay fees, feed them and clothing for their children is a great problem.  May God guide us in getting help for this family.

Shantel K.
Age 6, Preschool
Shantel and her sister Blessing live with their mother who struggles to feed
and educate them.  She moves from house to house cleaning for her daily living.

Angel. M.
Age 5, Preschool
Angel lives with her father.  Her mother has left and they do not know where she is.  They have a lot of problems.  Her father is a casual worker so it is difficult to raise Angel.  They live in a rental house but find it difficult to pay the rent.  They need assistance with food, school fees and clothing.

Gerald M.
Age 4, Preschool 
Gerald lives with his mother.  The father took his own life due to the hard and tough time.  After burial, the mother and Gerald had to go life with her mother.  They are having a difficult time with everyday life and having enough for food, shelter and school.  

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Karen Lau, karenllau@hotmail.com