WAITING for a Sponsor


High School
$585 per year/$195 per trimester or $48.75 per mont


$354 per year or $118per trimester or $29.50 per month

Fiona G
Age 9, Standard 5

Fiona's mother was divorced two years ago.  She was left with Fiona.  Mom relies on casual work to support herself and Fiona.  They need help with school fee, food and clothing.

Griffin K.
Age 9,  Standard 4

Griffin lives with his mother.  His father chased them away when Griffin was very young.  There has been a lot of death and movement as they have lived with different people of their community.  Food, shelter and clothing are a big problem for the family.

Favour Ke.
Age 10, Grade 3

Favour and her four siblings live with their mother.  They do not have land to live on and the mother relies on casual labor to support the family.  Food is even a problem for the family.

Emanuel M.
Age 8, Standard 2

Emanuel is an orphan now.  His mother died in 2018 and father had a stroke in 2020.  He lives with his aunt.  They need assistance for food and school.

Contact: Karen Lau, cherish@uppc.org
Josephine Mburugu, josiemburugu87@gmail.com