WAITING for a Sponsor


High School
$585 per year/$195 per trimester or $48.75 per mont

Sheryl K.
16 years old, Form 2
Sheryl is a bright girl.  Her mother is taking care of other two other needy students.  The father is in poor health and has no job.  The education and welfare of the children is a challenge for the family.  Please consider sponsorship.

Milkah W.
Age 14, Form 1 (as of April 2022)

Milkah is always one of the top students in her class.  Her parents are separated and Milkah lives with her grandmother in a rented room.  The grandmother does casual labor so she can provide for her two grandchildren.  This girl needs a sponsor so she will be able to go to high school.

$354 per year or $118per trimester or $29.50 per month

Risper M.
Age 12, Standard 7

The family live on casual work and need help to be able to educate Risper.  This is a very needy case.

Tricah M.
Age 11, Standard 6

Tricah is an orphan.  His single mother passed away some years back.  He lived with his grandmother who passed away last year.  He is now living with his aunt who also has two other children to care for.  Please consider this needy case.

Polet Love K.
Age 11, Standard 5

Polet was left with her grandmother when her mother got married.  The grandmother is 80 years old and needs assistance in providing for Polet.  Please consider this case.

Idah N.
Age 9, Standard 3

Idah's parents were ill and passed away in 2017.  She lived with her grandmother who passed away last year.  Now she is in the care of an aunt who has other children she is supporting.  Please consider this case.

Sybil K.
Age 4 1/2, Standard 1

Sybil is living with her grandmother who is unable to care for her fully.  She needs support.  The grandmother would greatly appreciate help.



Contact: Karen Lau, cherish@uppc.org
Josephine Mburugu, josiemburugu87@gmail.com