Friday, June 14, 2019

We've Got Mail from Meru

One of the blessings of sponsoring, is that we may develop close relationships which will last even beyond the sponsorship commitment.  What a joy it is to hear from our sponsored students and learn about them and their families.

I have permission to share the following letter which was received by a sponsor this spring.  From a Form 4 student who is quite a strong student, it expresses so well what so many of our sponsored students have expressed in their own ways.

Please enjoy and know what a difference sponsorship makes in the lives of our students.

Dear ______________,

How are you?  I hope you are doing great.  On my side, I am doing fine back here in Kenya.  The reason for writing this letter is to express my endless gratitude to you.  I would like to thank you for being there in my academic journey.  From the time that you took that role of becoming my sponsor and financially supporting my education, I can confess that everything is running out well.  Before I had you as my sponsor, my education was so hard and stressful.  Being born into a humble family, raising my Meru School fees was a very hard task for my parents.  My parents worked so hard and tirelessly to raise my school fees but still the money could not be worth an eighth of the school fees  This problem put me into a very hard time and it haunted my feelings a lot.  I even at sometimes thought that one day my education might come to an end due to lack of enough school funds.  Although I had that urge of studying hard and becoming a mechanical engineer and a respected person in the Kenyan society and even globally, the thought of my family's poverty really put me in a very hard time.  I would take even one or two hours pondering about my family's status.  Having a younger sibling, I usually asked myself that suppose may education came to a halt abruptly because of lacking school fees, who would be there to help my sister in her education to be the person of her dreams?  Who would pay my school fees to see that I have achieved my dreams and goals?  All these questions that had put a lot of stress in my life were then answered by you through God.  They were answered by you when you accepted to sponsor me by supporting me financially through helping me raise my school fees.  All the bad and haunting memories are now gone and I can study peacefully to be the person of my dreams.  I don't know what words could express my gratitude but all in all, thank you a lot.  May God bless you and enable you to live more and more years to see this great mission succeed   Thank you !!   Yours sincerely  _________________________

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sponsorship Inspires

 Congratulations to Brenda, Bridget and Felista, graduates of Nyweri Primary School.  They did well on the national exams (KCPE) and learned recently that they will be able to attend secondary school with the support of new sponsors !  Parents and others at the school were excited to surprise the girls with the news.  Some students at Nyweri are so "desperate" they will never see the door of a secondary school. According to the head mistress, "Everybody was very happy and this left our pupils highly motivated and inspired to work hard. Feel most appreciated together with family and friends !"

Monday, December 17, 2018

Important Date Change

*** Sponsors: Please note that we have changed the fall donation deadline from November 5 to October 5.  It is important that we be able to get our donations to Meru in a timely manner.  The fall donation pays for the new school year which begins the following January.  Fees for students moving into high school go up with the fall donation.

Beginning in 2019, donations will be due March 5, June 5 and October 5.

Thank you for your support !!