Monday, March 3, 2008

Imagine me, Erick!

It wasn't all that long ago that this young man and his sister, Ann, were living in an unspeakable situation, the victims of poverty and horrible abuse.

Today, each of them has an American family through Cherish Ministry to Meru. It made my heart sing to read this letter, and with his sponsor's permission I have the joy of sharing it with all of you. The English teacher in me took the liberty of making a few grammatical and spelling corrections to make it a bit easier to read. I'm sure Erick will forgive me.

Sometimes we are paralyzed by the size of a problem. We ask, "what can just one person do?" I invite you too look at what just one family at University Place has done. Won't you join me in thanking God for this little brother in Jesus?

Dear Family,

Hay! I Erick have joy in my heart that God has put in me. Surely I have not got a friend like you since I was born! I don’t know what to do to you and your family for considering me as your family member.

Imagine me, Erick! To bathe was a problem for lack of soap, clothes and food. Surely now I am like the child of a king through your support. I can eat anything I like and I can dress in any fashion.

Thanks! Thanks and thanks very much.

I would like to be helping children like me as I was helped by you and your family.

Your loving son,


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