Wednesday, December 16, 2009


From Karen Lau

The CHERISH team is very thankful for our donors and support that continued strong in 2009. In October, we celebrated the coming graduation of 17 of our sponsored students who are finishing high school and moving on to their lives in the community or to further education.

Thanks to very generous donors, our December wiring was able to contain enough funds for 122 youngsters to begin the 2010 school year. We also have a donor who send funds yearly to support the administrative expenses in Meru so that all the sponsorship dollars go directly to the youngsters and their family for food, shelter and school expenses.

We are thankful that we have been able to send funds for all of these children to begin their school year but we need some help if we are to keep them all in school. Fourteen of these youngsters are being sponsored temporarily and we have some others who are sponsored by individuals who are needing some relief from their financial commitments.

Please pray that donors will step forward to either take on permanent sponsorships of these children or that individuals will be moved to give one time gifts which can be directed toward these sponsorships. (See sponsorship donation information in the side bar of this blog.)
Sponsors can expect the yearly January letter from Karen with donation envelopes and information. We look forward to an exciting 2010 as we partner with our brothers and sisters in Meru !!

WAITING FOR SPONSORS - These youngsters are receiving funds to begin the new year but could use permanent sponsorships to continue !! Please contact Karen Lau – if you feel you could help out. She will give you the information you need to begin a sponsorship.

Karen K, age 5.
Karen is being raised by her grandmother. Her the father is gone and the mother died of AIDS. She was brought to the grandmother for care. Grandmother is also caring for a cousin.

Collins, age 3Sharon K, age 8 $
The mother of Sharon and Collins lost her husband and is now living with her inlaws and extended family in a "very small shamba." Very needy.

Brian M, age 6 Brian’s family owes his school about $46 and fees for next year are about $66. They need help for food, clothing and school.

NKUEME Family – They need to be helped to continue schooling.
Florence N age 12
Sally K, age 4
Wendy K, age 10
These children were born to a single mom who died of AIDS and left them with their grandmother. They need support for school supplies, uniforms and food.

Kenndy M, age 4 The family would like support to send him to nursery school.

Kally M, age 8 He was left by his mother and is now living with his father who is not taking good care of him. He did not attend school. He needs to be taken care of and fed.

MUTONGA FAMILY These children are living with grandmother as mother died. Sent home from school for not paying tuition.
Josphal –age 12, standard 6
Atony M, age 13, standard 6
Rodah K , age 8, standard 2

Benfoce M, age 13, standard 6
This boy was left by mother and father. He is looking for food by himself and attending school. He needs food, school uniform and tuition.

Kelvin M , standard 5
Good student, likes music and football. Parents are peasant farmers. He is asking for support.

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