Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sponsorship Update

Kenya Sponsorship Update
The CHERISH and HOPE teams are pleased and excited with the progress we have made during the first part of 2010. Thanks to University Place Presbyterian Church and the Mission Leadership Team, we were given the opportunity to remind the congregation of the work we have been doing in our sponsorship ministry.
Many people found our display in the case on the stairwell to be quite moving. On Sunday, January 24, Kenya team member, Emily Bosh, spoke in church about how she learned she could make a difference one child at a time when she went to Kenya and met Patrick. She shared pictures we have received of children in Meru who are sponsored by CHERISH participants.
Between the services and after that Sunday, we had several more individuals and groups who opened their hearts to the children of Meru and we have new sponsors for 11 more students and their families.
As our travel team gets ready for our coming trip in August, we still have five remaining on our WAITING list. What a joy it would be to go to Kenya with news of sponsors for these youngsters !!
If you have wondered about sponsoring a child and have questions, feel free to email or give me a call. This ministry is a real blessing for all of us involved. If you feel called to join us, we rejoice. Please include us in your prayers.

Karen Lau

STILL WAITING (pictured above)
Brian M, age 8 (in yellow hoodie)

Brian was not in school until fees were paid by a temporary sponsor. He needs a permanent sponsor who will help him be able to stay in school as well as for clothing and food.
($100 per trimester or $300 per year)

Josphat G –age 13, Standard 7
Anthony M, age 14, Standard 7
Rhodah K , age 9, Standard 3

These children are living with their grandmother Maria as their mother died. They were sent home from school as there was no money to pay their tuition. By helping one child, it would help the family
(Each of them $100 per trimester or $300 per year)

Kennedy, age 4 (in blue sandals)
The family would like support to send him to nursery school.
($100 per trimester or $300 per year)

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