Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mission Trip 2013

Sunday, June 9, Pastor Taeler Morgan and Kenya team member, Kirk Parker, will be leaving with UPPC member, Mawiir Deng on a trip that will take them to South Sudan and Meru, Kenya.

This will be an exciting trip for many reasons.  Our church is involved in a well drilling project in Mawiir's home village in South Sudan.  Taeler, Kirk and Mawiir will have a chance to check in on the status of this project.  Mawiir has not be back in 20 years.

After their trip to South Sudan, Pastor Taeler and Kirk will continue on to Kenya and will be visiting our brothers and sisters in Meru.  They will meet with the HOPE guardians and hope to visit sponsored children and their schools.

Though communication can be a challenge, they hope to be able to journal along the way using our blog.  We invite you to check the blog often during the time of their trip, June 9 - June 28. 

We ask that God will surround the travelers with His grace and comfort and that they will find joy and celebration as they spend time with our brothers and sisters in Africa.  

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