Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Seminar - September.2015

Enjoy some pictures taken at our 2015 HOPE Seminar for our younger students and their families !  The seminar took place on Saturday, September 5 in Meru.  Josephine and Peter Mburugu represented sponsors and passed out packets of cards and letters to all in attendance !  What a joy to see some familiar faces!  God is good...all the time; All the time...God is good !!

Thank you from parents and guardians..... This woman is
sharing a testimony in tears about God's favor through
the sponsorship ministry.
Karen K writes to her sponsor Richard S. !!


Josephine shares packets from sponsors.

Happiness is a letter !!

Our dear brother Ibrahim leads the seminar gathering.


joshua54 said...

Truly awesome and wonderful pictures of the seminar for young kids. Pre-k’s have gained reputation for building basic skills in all kids. Heard about a Phoenix pre-k known for such things and recommended it to my sister.

idunhabel said...

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