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Words alone cannot really explain the feelings and the state the HOPE MINISTRY has impacted to me, my family and even the community as a whole.  Being the only one in a family of six children who has gone through secondary school and college, I cannot hesitate talking about this Ministry which has transformed me and my family life.

It was around December 2004 when my prayer and a dream of becoming a better person and enjoying a bright future came to pass.  I had already finished form four in 1997 and had left home to go to the nearest town and engaged myself in casual labour to at least ensure life runs smoothly for me if not for the rest in the family.  Mburugu and Josephine had gone to live and work in USA and since they knew my needs better, they introduced me to ‘Karen’ and miraculously she agreed to sponsor me throughout the college for three years.  I am terming it a miracle because I later came to learn that the HOPE MINISTRY sponsors children up to form four and I had all the reasons to thank my creator who knew me even before I was formed in my mother’s womb.

My relationship with Karen grew deeper through our communications to an extent of addressing her ‘my other mother’ on the other side.  She is joyous, loving, social, friendly, caring, committed, kind, cautious, playful ....etc..Etc..

I always wished to meet her in person and this dream came true in August 2010 when they made a trip to Kenya –Meru.  It was joyous and wonderful moments to be and share a lot with them. i.e. her and the group that accompanied her(Peter, Josephine, Emily, Greg, Bob & Joy).  I can remember they came at a time when I was engaged to a man who was to be my husband and I shared my engagement state with them.  I had also applied for a job and was invited for an interview though I had not gone for the interview by the time they were in Kenya.

They all promised to pray for me so that my plans can be accomplished positively.  God is great I got the job which I am doing even today.   The man whom I had introduced verbally as my fiancĂ© is my husband today.   His name is Eric Kimathi.  

Karen, Josephine and Mburugu sacrificed their time, money and occasioned my wedding which was held on 3rd September, 2011.  This was the second time to meet Karen and you can bear me witness that she is surely a very lovely mother.  I was informed they shared a lot with the church and other sponsors about that trip to my wedding. 

Eric and I are now blessed with a very intelligent young boy who remembers Karen when they came to Kenya lastly in 2014.  He is a real blessing to us and we thank God for this gift. 

If it were not for this sponsorship I could not be where I am today and I pray for you and tell God to remember your needs and meet them as you touch and transform life through sponsorship.
I feel that I should also speak briefly on behalf of a few family members who have enjoyed/are enjoying sponsorship and friendship with the people in US.
She is the best mother as far as I am concerned in the whole world.  I love and appreciate her goodness and more so her commitment.  She is not learned so she cannot write or read but does things as if she is a very educated person.   When I completed class eight there was no hope of joining secondary school but God touched a few people from my community/church and organised a contribution which made me begin form one.  After form one my mother took over and had no source of income hence struggled to ensure I remained in school.  I was sent home for fees so many times that I cannot even remember. She could travel all the way to where I was schooling about 40km from home to bring Kshs. 100 to reduce fee balance.  After the long struggle, I completed but there was no other hope after form four. By the time I completed I had a huge balance so I could not get my certificate but I thank God Josephine and Mburugu assisted by paying some amount for me to get the certificate. 

She is so grateful for this Hope Ministry which has considered her and supported her morally and financially.  She remembers and appreciates the way she is appreciated by you who knows her especially Karen and the group that visited her at her home when they came to Kenya.  She is about 63 years old but do not grow older because she is always busy taking care of her grandchildren whom she lives with and who have also benefited from this mission.  Just receive her thanks and remember that she prays for you also.  The sponsorship has assisted her so much.  She has no stress and looks forward to seeing her grandchildren grow in wisdom and stature and help themselves in future.

Carol is a young lady who lived with her grandmother since child hood and completed form four in 2012.  She was sponsored by Karen.  The education has changed her so much because she now faces life positively and can handle many things on her own.  After form four she studied beauty therapy and she can now be employed or employ herself in that field. 

She is blessed with a young family and they are blessed with a bouncing baby girl whom she is taking care off.
She really appreciates the Hope Ministry particularly Karen for favouring her and ensuring she has completed form four without any financial constraint.

Patrick is Carol’s younger brother and also lives with his grandmother since child hood.  He is a very hardworking, determined, talented and very ambitious young man.  He is joining form three next year and is sponsored by Emily bosh and the group.  On top of class work, he engages himself in sports and athletics.  He loves his sponsors so much and keeps saying ‘’may the HOPE MINISTRY live forever’’ since he has encountered a very caring mother/father/friend/sponsor.

These two are younger brothers to Carol and Patrick and also lives with their grandmother.  Someone may confuse them as twins since they are almost of the same size though Robert is older.  He has completed standard eight and will be joining form one in January 2016.  He likes smiling so much and performs very well in class.

Evans will join class five come January and is a bit shy he does not talk a lot.  He is more compatible to his grandmother and likes following her everywhere she goes e.g. to the garden, shop and sometimes he feels like he can assist her even with the things hard for him.

They are both sponsored by Karen and they do love and appreciate her and the entire Hope Ministry very much.

Catherine is a young lovely girl in class 6.  She lives with her grandmother and loves children so much.  When I was in school Karen use to send me the pictures of her family including the grandchildren and Catherine would plead with me to cut the picture and give her the child.  She liked them and was wishing they were real (not in the picture) to play with them.

She is the latest sponsored child in the family and the sponsor is Dean Kelly and his family.  When I was lastly at home she showed me very many pictures and letters from the children and the parents.  She feels appreciated, loved and proud that she is receiving letters from people very far away from her.  She could disturb me with some questions like how did they know me?  How can I meet them?  Are they the same children I used to show her? and so on and so forth.  She told me that she also replied to their letters answering the questions they had asked. I had a good chance of explaining to her about the family and she became very happy.

The HOPE MINISTRY is not just a group to donate, receive and consume funds  to better lively hood but it is a group  to be associated with and feel appreciated, loved, assisted and to share.

May the Lord almighty grant all the sponsors/to be sponsors the desires of their hearts,  make them enjoy health & wealth and live long life to witness the fruits of their deeds.
Wish you all merry Christmas and prosperous 2016



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