Thursday, May 4, 2023

Praise God....A Very Special Meeting !

 On a very special March day,  Bernard G. was able to meet Clare and some of her family.  Clare had sponsored Bernard and he has come far !!!!  What a blessing this time was for all involved.  

Here is description of that special day from Sharon Moffitt:
It was such a privilege to witness the first meeting of Bernard Gitonga and Clare Devine when he visited recently. It will be 20 years ago this coming September that Josephine Mburugu and I made our first trip to Meru to find out how our church might be able to join folks there in providing aid and assistance to the children and families of Meru. 
Bernard made a supreme effort to be here, traveling from Florida to Tacoma for just 48 hours before heading to his new job in Virginia.  As we left to visit Clare, he asked that we stop so he could buy flowers and a card which he chose with great care. Imagine, this young man and Richard and Clare having a relationship for all these years but never meeting in person!  I wish I could describe the joy on Clare’s face when she entered the room! It was wonderful to witness this experience. I am filled with gratitude to the people of UPPC who have joined in this ministry with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Meru, Kenya!

Read about the difference Clare's sponsorship made in Bernard's life, written in his own words after he completed his nursing degree: 

"I was hopeless but now I’m hopeful, was downcast but now I’m lifted."

Several children in Meru are waiting for sponsors. Click on "Waiting on a Sponsor" to learn how you can sponsor a child like Clare did with Bernard.