WAITING for a Sponsor


High School
None at this time.


$330 per year or $110 per trimester or $27.50 per month

Morris M.
Standard 7, Age 13

There are four children in Morris's family.  They rely on their mother for everything.  She is a farmer who sells her harvest.  She does not earn enough to keep all her children in school. School fees, shelter and feeding are a problem.  

Angel G.
Standard 5, Age 11
There are many children in Angel's family.  She performs well in school but the poverty of the family poses a problem for her learning.

Marther N.G.
Standard 5
Marther lives with her widowed mother and 2 siblings.  She is in and out of school due to the lack of school fees.  Mother worked as a coffee vendor until Covid.  The family now needs help with schooling, shelter and food.

Hapyness G.
Standard 4, Age 11
Hapyness and her sister are orphans living with their aunt.  Her aunt works on friends farms to earn a living.  Help is needed for food, shelter and clothing.

Christin W.
Standard 1, Age 6
Christine is an orphan who is being cared for by an acquaintance who has no steady work.  She needs help to at least educate this girl.

Brian K.
Preschool, Age 3
Brian is under the care of his mother.  Her husband is not stable. She has two more children.  Sometimes they must sleep outside.  The mother works hard but has no steady job.  


Contact: Karen Lau, karenllau@hotmail.com 
Josephine Mburugu, josiemburugu87@gmail.com